The actor isn't an ham who strats on the stage and of whom then nobody remember anything (W.S.), but is a guide: the one who is able to lead the spectator in the beyond of theatre.
To be a guide, the actor has to improve his skills of LISTENING – ADAPTATION – DIALOGUE..
The work of Lemming's actors develops these three principles simultaneously in four directions: toward himself, toward his partners, in the space, toward the spectator.
The main instrument of this research is body. The sense/the senses of the body.
In this type of theatrical work, the body isn't a prothesis of the mind, but is fullness, is something naked that permits the nakedness of the aim and the truth of the encounter with other aims and other bodies.
For us the five senses of the actor are an appeal at fullness of life and a way to reach the beyond of theatre and the creative skills of the actor.
Relating with himself, with his partners, with the space and with the spectator, the actor has tu naked himself radically, has to research deeply the listening and the attention toward himself and the others.


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