With: Fiorella Tommasini, Chiara Elisa Rossini, Diana Ferrantini, Mario Previato, Alessio Papa, Giovanni Refosco, Boris Ventura, Katia Raguso
Music and direction: Massimo Munaro
Scenic elements: Luigi Troncon

 Awarded as Best Performance at Sarajevo Winter Festival 2013


 “The time is out of joint. O cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right!...”


We think that Hamlet is the figure of ambivalence.
His indecision is full of anguish, but at the same time his dilly-dally permits the reflection on things, thinkings, conscience and aim.
As Hamlet questions himself through the tragedy, so the spectator has to find an answer to all these questions. The spectator has to become Hamlet.
Hamlet is a prince that refuse power and regality: is he a powerless coward or is he a lonely revolutionary? But is it possible to fight alone word horrors?

In Hamlet we find our solitude of spectators and of citizens. If is true that in a democracy every citizen should have the power, in this reality we are all Hamlet and we feel lonely and powerless as this prince of Denmark. If he is a prince, it’s just a question of inheritance. Like us, he is the heir of a noble power that is irreparably corrupt: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” and he has to complete his father’s destiny. Being a son, Hamlet’s destiny is to solve what his father left after his death. 

First of all, Hamlet questions us over the problem of theatre: is theatre the place of shows, finction and hypocrisy or is it the way to trap spectators’ consciences?
Hamlet’s space is a theatrical space: is a space of dreams, where deads come back to torment the living and where the living could pacify themselves with the deads.
Teatro del Lemming's Hamlet is an event where the audience becomes like Hamlet, feeling his conflicts, his troubles and his madness.
Besides, Hamlet’s space is a metamorphic space, that fills up at the same time the stage and the stalls. Hamlet's space is a series of dreamy pictures that follows each other. Inside this space, the spectator/Hamlet gets lost, falling into consequential deep dreams where he meets the ghosts of the characters of the tragedy.


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