GIULIETTA E ROMEO. Letters from the liquid world


with Chiara Elisa Rossini, Diana Ferrantini, Fiorella Tommasini, Alessio Papa.
music Massimo Munaro
direction Chiara Elisa Rossini and Massimo Munaro


The liquid world of Zygmunt Bauman is our present time, a society under siege where everything seems to be precarious, temporary, changrable, without garantees and reassurances, where everything flows fast just in one track: the track of commercialization.

Where can we put Romeo and Juliet's myth in such this contemporary society, where, mentioning Bauman, also affection and love have lost their titanic and mythological power and has become liquid?

Who are Juliet and Romeo for us? Those youngsters are really so far from our lives? Are we able to sacrifice everything for something that is very important for us?

What are we willing to do to save our love?

The creative process cames from an assumtion of the psychoanalyst James Hillman: if our lives are mimetical of myth, fragments of myth are scattered also in humans' issues and lives.

The performance is composed by letters written to our loved one, to an hypothetical spectator, shreds of a present time where the solid dimension, the one of the myth, is not totally lost and where we can trace stories of a hindered desire, signs of a clear or a hidden violence, irreparable conflicts, an obstructed desire, the tenacity of a will that doesn't give up.

Juliet and Romeo. Letters from the liquid world is the second step of the Shakespearian Trilogy that is the current productive project of Teatro del Lemming.


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