NEKYIA sea journey by night

with Diana Ferrantini, Chiara Elisa Rossini, Fiorella Tommasini, Alessio Papa, Katia Raguso, Massimo Munaro
drammaturgy, music and direction Massimo Munaro

dedicated to Roberto Domeneghetti


In Nekyia the dramaturgic work on Dante's Divina Commedia aims to a synthesis, trying to return, with an extreme and purified act, the complexity of a journey which contains a reflection on the psychological, political and moral condition of men and their world.
It's necessary to think about Dante as a citizen of a polis, his Nèkyia (in Greek sea journey by night or descent to hell) is a refoundation try of a ommunity. Because of that, we choose to give the identity and the role of the protagonist to a small spectators' group of seventeen people.
Proposing at this group of spectators a Nékya like this, on the way of Dante's Journey, is for us a new formulation of theatre language that aims at his essence of radical and transforming ritual. A rite that could question theatral laws till a reorganization of his foundations: actors and spectators. So spectators risk their role and their function: from the solitary initial passivity (Hell), to the trasformation (Purgatory) in actors of a joint play (Paradise).

The challenge for us is to think about theater today as the place of a joint and collective rite.



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