NEKYIA sea journey by night
First Part: HELL

with Alessio Papa, Diana Ferrantini, Chiara Elisa Rossini, Fiorella Tommasini, Katia Raguso
music and direction Massimo Munaro

dedicated to Roberto Domeneghetti


This work is the first part of a project called Nekyia (that in greek means sea journey by night or descent to hell). In the whole project there is the direct, dramaturgic and sensorial envolvement of a limited number of spectators (seventeen at time). Nekyia consists on a personal reflection on the three kingdoms of the underworld ( Hell, Purgatory, Paradise). The first part of that cycle, Hell, is a self-sufficient work that hasn't got a limitation of the number of spectators.

INFERNO is a scenic transcription of the first part of Dante's Divina Commedia that questions spectators and actors about themselves and their condition of citizens.
To one side, HELL is a sinking into the underworld, the unconsciousness and the dreamworld; to the other side is a reflection on contemporary world. In front of the horrors of contemporary world, spectators are left in a condition of silent powerlessness.
In this theatral work, Dante's Hell is considered in relation to contemporary world and the circles are performed throughout scenic pictures that follow each other: all the scenes appear to the spectators as rievocations of our personal damned world.
INFERNO aims to a reflection on the horrors of contemporary world. The work is a reflex of our human condition and, as a cruel mirror, this reflex cause on the spectator a revealing and healthy shock.
In NEKYIA, spectators risk their role and their function: from the solitary initial passivity (Hell), to the trasformation (Purgatory) in actors of a joint play (Paradise).
The challenge for us is to think about theater today as the place of a joint and collective rite.


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