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In our ordinary life sight and hearing are over stimulated, at times abused senses while touch, smell and taste, mostly able to bring us back to a grounded and primitive memory, are more and more overlooked. In the poetics of the Lemming's company all the five senses become the ways to experience theatre, not only as a cognitive practice, rather as a powerful and emotional one. Director and Ensembleworked over 20 years looking for the most accurate technique to prepare and build the actors. This research gave birth to an innovative pedagogical method, namely “The five senses of the actor”. Emotions are the fuel of the performer. How to raise them? How to guide them? Through listening to perceptions we appeal both to imaginary as to a profound connection with sincere emotions. Moreover the actor should learn how to lead the spectator through the scene, how to involve him, in order to produce intense feelings and physical reactions. Workshop’s participants often play blinded, and in couples. A mythological and oneiric background is used to set the improvisations proposed during the seminar.

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